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Available Animals

Captive born and bred by me in Oakland, California

(unless otherwise stated)

Parent pictures and lineage charts here:

Currently incubating -

  • Woma pythons (Aspidites ramsayi)

Available Soon 

  • "Something amazing, I guess"


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Rhino Rat Snakes

I have a beautiful pair of baby Rhino Rat Snakes available! Produced by Owen McIntyre.

Female $750

Male $700 Pair


(all + shipping)



Morelia bredli
Centralian Carpet Python

Beautiful classic centralian carpet python! This guy is nice and tame and feeds on frozen / thawed.



born 2023


Rhino Rat Snake Adult

I have an adult male rhino rat snake available. About 2 years old, aquired from Dr. Zac Loughman. 

$900 + shipping



Varanus tristis tristis
Black headed dwarf monitors

I am selling  well-started hatchling V. tristis tristis! These stunning dwarf monitors pack in all of the amazing qualities of larger lizards into a manageable package. Parents of offspring were acquired from Rare Earth directly. 2 available as of 4/30/24

$600.00​ + Shipping



Morelia spilota cheynei
Highlighter Line Jungle Carpet Python
23-JCP1- M5

Male Highlighter Line JCP available! These babies come from some stunningly vibrant parents. Some of the most beautiful carpets on earth!



Hatched June 26th, 2023

IMG_8544 2.JPG

Thamnophis eques obscurus
Lake Chapala Garter Snakes

I have multiple litters of these gorgeous, giant garter snakes! These blue beauties are one of the largest garters on earth. Fantastic display animals with semi-aquatic tendencies. 

Feeding on frozen thawed Chopped Pinkies. 

$195.00 each


born 2023

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