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Captive born and bred by me in Oakland, California

(unless otherwise stated)

Parent pictures and lineage charts here:

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simalia amethistina 
Wamena Scrub Python

Gorgeous sub-adult pair of f1 Wamena locality scrub pythons produced by Nick Mutton. A rare opportunity to plug-and-play with rare, USCBB, locality simalia. 

$ Inquire


Hatched 2021


Morelia spilota cheynei
Highlighter Line Jungle Carpet Python

Gorgeous Female Highlighter Line JCP's! These babies come from some stunningly vibrant parents. Some of the most beautiful carpets on earth!



Hatched June 26th, 2023

IMG_8544 2.JPG

Thamnophis eques obscurus
Lake Chapala Garter Snakes

I have three litters of these gorgeous, giant garter snakes! These blue beauties are one of the largest garters on earth. Fantastic display animals with semi-aquatic tendencies. 

Feeding on frozen thawed Chopped Pinkies. 

$300 each, group discounts available


born 2023

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