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About Me


Centralian Exotics is owned and operated by Lucas Lee in Oakland, California. 


Academically, I earned my bachelor's degree in environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz in 2019 and my Master's degree in Biology, Zoo Science  & Applied Conservation through West Liberty University as a member of the Evidence-Based Herpetocultural Lab. Professionally, I work as a wildlife biologist in the San Francisco bay area. 

I have been keeping reptiles and amphibians for nearly my entire life. While studying in college, I discovered and developed a strong passion for Australian Pythons and haven't looked back since. After undergrad, I worked at the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley - the nation's oldest and largest herpetological store - where I was able to get hands on with a plethora of exotic species from across the globe. I pride myself on excellent husbandry and maintaining the highest captive care standards possible for my animals. As a hobbyist keeper / breeder, I am all about quality over quantity- I don't have hundreds of animals, but the ones I do have are some of the finest specimens available. I am passionate about these beautiful, ancient creatures and I would love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have regarding my inventory, or snakes in general. 


Thank you for visiting the site!


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